How to write a good press release

A press release should be like a bullet crashing through a window pane

An effective press release is a veritable work of art. It must be pithy and precise.

Journalists are a harried lot, always on nerves for meeting deadlines, for good stories and keeping up with the quality. A clumsy press release is always a contra indication and may end up in the dustbin of the news paper.

On other hand, a clean and good press release enhances the possibility of publication manifold. Writing press release is an art and an effective press release is a veritable work of art.

Journalists do not have time to glean facts from press release. Facts should speak for themselves. A PR company’s success in the market hugely depends on its ability to communicate. It is stressing the obvious to say that press release is the prime tool for communicating effectively. An effective press release is essential cog in the Public relations strategy. So, due diligence is needed for a meticulous press release.

A catchy headline is the sine quo non of an effective press release. It should be like a bullet cracking through the window panes. It must be written creatively and every word should be pregnant with meaning pointing to the long and short of the content. It must instantly grab the attention of the journalist. It must also provoke him so that he is compelled to read the whole of the press release. Even if the theme is not so new, a catchy headline can give it a novelty of sorts.

After headline, comes the body of the press release. Introduction is of immense importance. It must be short. Introduction of one or two lines are considered best and all great journalists are known for their pithy introduction. It should be such as initiates a journalist to read the whole further down. Test of economy of expression lies in the first paragraph. It must not burdened by exotic words. It must be simple and light English. Light English or any other language for that matter is a hard won quality. To the point may sound clichéd but it is a must for making a good intro. So, a good press release also calls for a good hack.

Journalists are always hard up of time. They would not read press release unless initiated. Only a catchy headline and first paragraph can initiate them into scanning the whole content. Following paragraphs must support the first paragraph. Festive verbal attire in the press lease is unnecessary.Mere words make a press release hollow, so hard numbers supporting the core of the content are a must. A good back up of number is needed. It does not mean it should be overburdened with data. It should be few and far between but be there must.

Quotes enrich the press release to a great extent. It invests the press release with human touch. It should not be too long. The quotes should also be to the point. Quote must be recognizable by inverted comma.

A journalist would not take press release on a platter. Despite meticulous writing, he may not be inclined to take it as fully reliable. He always takes a press release with a pinch of salt. Publishing a report without checking the veracity is fraught with risks for the career of journalist. So, give contact numbers, so that he can check facts.

Too many pages may spoil the press release, so it should not exceed one and half pages. Lengthy press release may disorient the reporter and tests his patience. Keeping with the time, a journalist must be sourced to information hub of the subject of the press release. Related website comes handy. A press release therefore must contain link to more information in case journalists think they need more information.

Last but not the least, it must be flawless. Any childlike mistake can ruin the all good effort gone into sculpting a press release.

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