Blogging positions you as a thought leader in your area of expertise and Bloggers can further strengthen the message. 

While brands are increasingly improving their look & feel on the web, The Blog Space cannot be ignored. Blogs have emerged as a persuasive new channel for story-telling and plays a key role in establishing an individual opinion. Isn’t that what public relations is all about? Engaging and Building Reputation.

Bloggers play a strong role in public relations as they help kick off a brands visibility. For example, for one of our clients from the F&B industry we realized that penetrating through the blogosphere was a faster way to reach the influencers in the category. By reaching out to those with a strong popularity, we managed to get a vigorous number of impressions leading to a successful PR campaign.

In spite of a strong social media community, bloggers are targeted in order to get helpful real time customer opinions. A quick and authentic feedback helps PR companies strategize further campaign ideas. 

Today’s consumer likes to know about an influencer’s experience with a brand before they plan to make a purchase. Bloggers typically cover specific topics, which enable brands to target precise demographic groups. They also have a stronger upper hand when it comes to customer reviews. Along with that, they have the capability to contribute through their content to other forms of media as well.

It is very imperative that you help an influencer have a good experience of your brand. Belonging to a very powerful community, they can make or break your brands image. Apart from having a large follower base, they also have a control over their audience’s decision-making. One negative review can make you lose a large group of potential purchasers.

Once a connection is built with a significant blogger, chances are they will be frequently interested in participating in activities and opportunities for your brand.

Public Relations helps define the communication matrix of any brand. Communicating the story of your brand to the right audience forms the base for PR. Bloggers assist in defining that base for you.

Why is blogging an excellent PR tool?

Digital Publisher

Above all Blogging helps your company become a digital publisher. It helps you create self-owned content that adds to your assets. Not just that it helps build an attitude for your company. In this digital age, it is vital for a brand to have a point of view that can be put forth strongly to its consumers.

Build your own narrative

For the first time, you control your own narrative. Building a community online and be able to convey your business story to them, nothing could get better than this. The power to publish consistently & strategically the key message to your community about your organization and its activities build thought leadership.

News Alert

Blogging can help replace older forms of giving out any news. Even though the concept of press release dissemination is still predominant here in India, Blogging can play a role of digital newswires for the company.

Display a positive image

Blogging always benefits a company in building a stronger public profile. The masses like to do research before they approach a brand. When you search for a company online, what comes up, helps form an image in the minds of the audience. Every company wants to display its best side and blogs help you build that.


Standing out from the crowd is the goal for any company. Blogging provides you with the opportunity to create a strong differentiation between you and your competition. It displays your brand as a robust and more perceptible option.

In conclusion I feel that Blogging as a concept is revolutionary and fresh, if you have not explored it yet, its time you start. Blogging compliments a company’s arsenal of communications. It can help you build a stronger relationship on behalf of your organisation. The advantages of blogging are numerous while the disadvantage is just one i.e. not having one.

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