The weekend of 28th September I was in Hyderabad for the 7th edition of PRAXIS. Being a first time attendee I wasn’t sure what to expect and what not too. But one thing I was sure off was that it was going to be grand and yes, it was. The theme for this year’s summit was “The essence of storytelling”

The beauty of such events is that it makes you realize how big the PR industry is actually. With more than 650 attendees this year. It made #PRAXIS7 the biggest PR conference in the country. Being a part of this word for about two decades now, this platform still managed to make me feel like a fresher! I was looking forward to a weekend full of insights, learning and building connections, and that’s exactly what happened. Keeping it brief, let me tell you’ll the highlights of my events.

The biggest highlight was being able to be present in that atmosphere!

Some of my favorite moments were witnessing Mary Kom live!

Being able to watch some amazing people take that stage and share their knowledge with us was amazing! From Angela chitkara sharing stories from the days of partition and her family to Sree Srinivasan talking about the art of digital storytelling and it’s growing diversity. From Nazeeb Arif sharing amazing case studies of ITC and how it has redefined sustainability and successfully built communities that are thriving well to Ronald Buerk how Nissan is accepting the culture and innovating through it. There were many many many more that I want to talk about!

Some special mentions were, Roger Pereira an icon, a true legend of the PR world! What an honor to have watched him speak live.

Another one was the special/ surprise session by Gauri Sawant. A name that not everyone is familiar with but after hearing her story I was in awe of her! She’s a transgender activist and mother who has been going against all odds and fighting of the basic rights for her community. Hear her speak made me realize her hardships and how strong she is! Being a transgender woman and raising a kid is not easy… well she makes it look easy! One of my favorite lines from her speech was “Hamaari taaliyo mein aakrosh hai. Agar aapko meri taali ki awaaz nahi pasand toh mere liye taaliya mat bajana” More power to her!

To end this, I only have one thing to say, if you ever get a chance to be a part of an event like this, do not be hesitant. I will be worth every minute of your time! Not one does this platform introduce you to insights beyond ones thinking but it also helps you build connections and helps you build connections with people from all over the country.

Cheers to Amith Prabhu and his team! It was a great show.


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