IMPACT PR implements innovative workplace policy “Tie-the-Knot” benefit

More leaves and increment for the ones getting married.

IMPACT PR today announces “Tie-the-Knot” benefit policy. Getting married; Working with IMPACT PR; you are entitled to a 5% increment on your CTC with additional benefits. Wait, there’s more, you are also eligible for the Annual increment based on your performance.

Syed Ahtasham, Sr HR Manager, IMPACT PR, “The first thing an employee wants is leaves hence the benefit is not only monetary, we are also gifting a 5 day additional leave over and above the said ELs etc.”.

Kulpreet F Vesuna, Founder & Managing Director, IMPACT PR emphasizes, “We thought of integrating work-life-balance which values the contribution of an employee who is our strength. It’s just a small way of saying, “we love you”.

We chose time around Valentine’s Day to announce this, as this is the day to celebrate LOVE, points Kulpreet.

As a company we certainly understand the responsibility and monetary commitments it takes to plan a marriage, the current program initiates better bonding and promotes financial wellness”, adds Syed Ahtasham

As an organization, IMPACT PR continually works towards bringing HR practices and policies that can augment success while recruiting and maintaining employee satisfaction. Recently, Impact PR has also implemented the “Donate your leave” policy wherein an employee can donate his/her leave/s that can be availed by his/her colleague whose leave bank was exhausted.

We feel the businesses which embrace more practices that are progressive will not only enjoy higher employee satisfaction & greater morale but will also help in competitive talent recruiting, emphasized Syed Ahtasham

About Impact Public Relations Pvt Ltd

Impact Public Relations is one of the fastest growing full service communication consultancies in India. Founded in the year 2000, it has an experience of working with a wide cross-section of brands in telling immersive stories. It believes in creating micro moments out of stories and help brands connect better with their audience.

Today, as a full service consulting, Impact PR helps organizations in linking the corporate reputation chain with some of the best minds in the industry. Our services include diverse areas which include Public Relations; Media Relations; Public Affairs and Advocacy; CSR and Citizenship; Advertising, Branding and Marketing Communications; Digital services; Events and Employee communications which also covers engagement interventions.

Headquartered from New Delhi, IMPACT PR has its principal office in Mumbai, Pune & Bengaluru along with over 60 associate partner offices across India and globe.

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