5 Reasons to Consider Career in Public Relations

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”

Daniel J. Boorstin

The best PR marketing campaigns were the ones which did not feel like a ‘campaign’. Take for example, Air Bnb ‘Experiences’ campaign which created brilliantly curated destination reviews by the locals themselves and it took all over Instagram. Last year, IKEA won every environmentalist’s heart and the masses with its ‘Last Straw’ campaign highlighting the dangers of using single-use plastics. The list goes on and on with all major brands like P&G, Coke & Lego breaking the communication barriers when it comes to user engagement. Ever wondered how do they do it? Well the answer might not be that simple but we are getting there. With user-engagement at its core, these brands are leveraging social media (read organic reach), influencer engagement, natural feedback mechanisms and other similar techniques to score high on brand loyalty.

Modern day Publicists draw a perfect synergy between seamless communications, building long lasting relationships and connecting with the end-user on a human-level; not a brand, not an organization or any entity which rings ‘big old lies’ in the customers’ ears – but human. If you are still not convinced about why Public relation might be the best career choice for the reader, strategist, and the confident communicator in you then go further and check out not 13 but 5 solid reasons why:

  1. Relationships. The individuals who work in PR create associations with the management, inside representatives and outside partners & stakeholders, gathering data from various sources to make proposals.

  2. Research and evaluation. In addition to data gathering through discussions, PR experts use techniques like studies to conduct opinion research. They utilize this research to provide valuable insights on the bearing of the organization’s marking endeavors

  3. Writing and editing. Public relations careers can include getting ready public statements, representative bulletins, video contents, reports, leaflets and magazine articles, among other writing and editing roles.

  4. Event planning. The PR office organizes press meets, question and answer sessions and other exclusive events, including industry conferences, challenges, new launches, openings and roadshow events.

  5. Blend of Everything. PR resembles a blend of occupations that are media-related. When you’re brainstorming of new and innovative approaches to advance your customer by means of various channels, that’s a form of publicizing effort. When you’re working at keeping up a predictable and solid picture, that directly there is brand management

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